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The exterior cladding of buildings with this system, in addition to the aesthetic value of the decor, has the advantage of protecting the rooms from direct sunlight for a better thermal performance of the building itself. The panels can have different shapes and sizes: when installed sequentially, they can cover large surfaces. The image can appear in portions on each panel, so that the full image is reconstructed once the structure is assembled. The finished product is supplied complete with load-bearing structure and fixed to the building.

Sunshades, Abruzzo Distribuzione

Pescara, installation of sun shading elements on the façade of Abruzzo Distribuzione company.
Client: Abruzzo distribuzione
Designer: Smarteko
Material: 2 mm / 0,08 painted aluminium
Size of job: 200 Square metres
Place and year: Pescara, Italy 2014


Brindisi, Salento Airport, cladding of ancillary facilities in the parking area. 
Client: Astaldi spa
Designer: Studio Ianplus
Executive plan: Grossi Lamiere
Material: 1,5 mm / 0,06 galvanized and painted sheet metal
Size of job: 400 Square metres
Place and year: Brindisi, Italy 2008

Parliament Office Pass.

Georgia, external walls of the PASS building at the Parliament building in Kutaisi. 
Client: Meno International ltd
Designer: CMD Ingenieros
Material: 2 mm / 0,08 painted aluminium
Size of job: 80 Square metres
Place and year: Kutaisi, Georgia 2012

Ekol Building.
Baku (Arzebaijan)

Baku, Azerbaijan, aluminium cladding of a façade with Perforated Panel technology
Client: Spazio
Designer: Studio De Palo
Material: 2 mm / 0,08 painted aluminum
Size of job: 600 Square metres
Place and year: Baku, Azerbaigian 2013